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As a newly engaged couple, you have so many things to plan, vendors to book, outfits to choose… Your list is long. I hope to make it a bit shorter by becoming your photographer!  Because I don’t want to fight in the pit of price shoppers, let me first tell you what goes into making great wedding memories:

Knowledge: Someone who just picked up a new cool looking jumbo pixel camera will not be familiar with many of its features. To get gorgeous pictures, one must know their equipment inside and out, be able to think fast, and change settings and lenses without fiddling around – or your moment will be gone forever, uncaptured. I have complete knowledge of my camera and lighting equipment to take the best images of your day.
Experience: How do I know where to be at certain times of the ceremony or reception? How do I capture moments you didn’t even know were happening? That’s because I’ve been doing this for a long time (over 10 years, whew!). I can anticipate the moment, making sure no small detail will go unnoticed. I know weddings inside and out, and I will bring my experience to your wedding. I will know where to stand during the ceremony, how to pose you during formals, what to look for during the reception.
Personality: I love it when my clients call me names! “Small but feisty!” “So funny… and quick!” “military-precision formals” “Creative and daring” all those and a slew of other adjectives that I’ve heard over the years. I do believe that as your photographer, I am, like one of your many guests, a welcome and fitting addition to your wedding day.  Usually as I’m booking a new wedding, I notice a lot of my personality traits and quirks mirrored in my couples, which further solidifies my belief that there is indeed a perfect photographer out there for every type of couple and every kind of wedding.
Professionalism: Couples tell me they didn’t notice me at the ceremony – was I even there? Or, how nice it was to let Aunt Mabel take that picture of the wedding party during formals. Or, how well I handled the children that didn’t want to smile.  I capture your day unobtrusively, yet with energy and kindness. It’s your day to shine, not the photographer’s. I will be everywhere except your personal space.
Post-production: This may be the biggest, yet the most unnoticed thing about professional wedding photographers. We spend a good month’s worth of time on your wedding, which includes all the prep work beforehand, the wedding day itself, and then organizing, editing, and presenting your proofs, prints, and albums. We go through thousands of images, selecting the best ones for you, editing them to look fabulous, and designing album layouts. The post-production period is not something you, my clients, have to worry about – but it is a very important part of what I do. I want you to have the best, most complete memories of your day, and that means making all your images, products, albums – and you – look amazing.

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Wedding Collections

I believe that a wedding should result in an heirloom, a legacy, a memory forever remembered. Pictures posted online can disappear with one click. Years of memories can be wiped from a hard drive with one power surge. Yet people will run back into a burning house to retrieve their wedding albums. THAT is what I shoot for on a wedding day – moments upon moments that tell a love story to be forever remembered in a beautifully laid out book. This final finishing touch of your wedding experience is something you can be proud to own, display, and pass on to your children. I’ve been offering albums in all of my wedding collections for almost my whole career as a wedding photographer, and as my couples celebrate their anniversaries I often get notes and messages about how much they enjoyed looking through their album and remembering their wedding day once again.

So, with that being said, I really hope that you will also choose an album or two in your own custom wedding collection. I know you most likely came to this page looking for pricing information, and now that you understand a bit better what it is I strive to create at your celebration, here it is. Ready?

NEW simple pricing for 2015: Wedding day coverage starts at $1800 for up to 7 hours with 2 photographers. That means you’re getting me, Kristina, as your main photographer, plus one more (indispensable!) photographer/assistant who will help with posing, lighting, groups, details, etc, for the majority of the day. This also includes all the pre-wedding planning/communication and post-wedding editing and posting of images; the final product is an online image gallery for the guests, and a laser-inscribed DVD for you of 500-800 edited images at full resolution for printing as well as web resolution for posting on social media.
You are welcome to build upon this base, depending on your needs and budget. The majority of my clients add an engagement session and 2-3 albums in various sizes. If you’re like most couples and want a fuller experience, expect to invest $2500-$4700 in your wedding photography. I’d be more than happy to create a custom quote for you. Use the contact form at the top of the page or email me directly kristina[at]photokisses[dot]com with inquiries.

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I work with a couple of amazing album companies to provide unique books that reflect the couple’s styles and personalities. There are so many options, from various sizes to different covers, design styles, page quality… So basically throw something out there and I will see what I can do to make it happen – while maintaining a classy look that will stand the test of time.

Every custom designed album starts at 30 pages (60-80 images)

Example: Album
Cover: Hard, thick picture cover.
Page thickness: stiff, .5 mm thick.
Sizes: 8×8 – 12×12. 4×4 copy available as a parent/brag book. Prices start at $500.

A gorgeous art book, this album is beautifully assembled with thick pages that, due to the printing process, help the photos stand out in quality and color. Custom designed in spreads, with no fear of anything getting cut off in the lay-flat spine.

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Premium: 6×6 hard cover book. A guestbook is a great way to showcase your engagement photos, and a modern way for guests to wish you all the best. Ask to see them in person at our meeting.

Here are a few examples of wedding albums I’ve designed for my wedding clients:This is a 10×10 15 spread album with 100 image design.

This one is a 12×12 album with 14 spreads and 75 image design, upgraded to thick pages and a black leather cover (pictured in the last image).



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