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BravelyWed: wedding inspiration for a feisty princess

Over the past few months, I’ve been floating on cloud 9. My styled elopement shoot, which I modeled after

Amazing Wedding Day Beauty Tips!

Welcome to the MEGA post which is all about hair and beauty and skin care for your wedding day! My special guest today

If you have questions about skin care and hair beauty for your wedding…

…soon you will have answers! As a wedding photographer, I am keenly aware of how people look. Especially how

The Dos and Don’ts of Stealing Images From Your Photographer

This is something that has been a concern of mine in the past, and of other photographers I know as well. The issue of

Brides for Brides: Tara’s advice

Here is a new installment of Brides for Brides. It’s a segment on my blog where my past brides answer a few

Brides for Brides: Laura’s advice

So maybe the 3rd time is a charm? Maybe this time you, the reader, will post some questions that my brides can answer

Brides for Brides: Channon’s advice

Hello, and happy summer… er… spring! It sure feels like mid-summer here in Rochester NY, and believe me,

Brides for Brides: Kelli’s Advice

Hello, and happy Wednesday! I’m starting a new segment on my blog titled “Brides for Brides” where I

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