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You know what I really, REALLY love?!

As soon as I walked into Amy’s hotel room, a huge grin appeared on her face, and she jumped up and screamed real loud “MY PHOTOGRAPHER IS HEEEEEERE!!!”

And that, my friends, is why I do what I do.

Orlando wedding newlywed couple in a field with cattails

Thank you Amy and David for having me photograph your beautiful, emotional, energetic, stunning, PERFECT wedding. Your love for each other and the ENTHUSIASM with which you showed it to me and my camera was simply incredible. I drove home from Buffalo happily exhausted and elated, and most of all excited to view your images on my computer screen and relive the wedding again and again while I edit it this week. Enjoy your teaser! More to come on my facebook page!

So here it is, the end of July! This month I only had one wedding (well, two, if you count my own!) I can’t wait to edit all these images, the day was absolutely perfect with just enough cloud cover to give us beautiful skies, a barn filled with bistro lights, and hay bales for the ceremony. Danielle and Jerred had a great farm wedding!

photo of newlyweds Orlando wedding photographer


If you were a guests at this wedding, please be patient for the next few weeks while I edit the pictures and upload them into the online gallery for your viewing pleasure.

As the Rochester wedding season heats up, I find myself wishing I had a more eloquent writing style so I could properly describe all these amazing weddings that I have had the honor to photograph this year. Instead I sit here at my computer and hum and haw and, ultimately, end up not posting anything. Ugh. If only I could write as well as I photograph!

So, while I gather my thoughts and grammatically correct sentences, enjoy this little teaser from Sarah and Adam’s wedding which took place in Churcville NY, where they had a beautiful reception at the Gatherings at Senator’s Mansion. More images to come in  a little while!

Churchville wedding at Gatherings at Senator

… and all she got was a mask. And oh boy, what a mask it was! Normally I post a small teaser for the couple soon after their wedding day that features both the bride and the groom, but I simply could not resist showing you Saydra in a stunning masquerade mask which she got in New Orleans. By the way, if you were a guest at Saydra and Ben’s wedding, their images have been posted in my online image gallery – go check them out! Hint hint… 8x10s are half off for the month of June!bride wearing a pink masquerade mask

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