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There are so many perks to having a second photographer at a wedding! Having another person, another set of eyes, to capture all events from a different perspective; having a human back up to the primary photographer’s gear; someone to help with posing, wayward relatives, and floofy dresses; another set of hands to hold a reflector, a flash, or camera bag. These are just a few of many reasons why I always photograph weddings with TWO photographers and not just by myself!

Similarly, BEING a second photographer has its perks as well! As a second, I can be the eyes in the back of the primary’s head. I can catch details and guest moments they would miss because they are focused on the bride and groom. I am there to help, to supplement, and to infuse a bit of ME into the celebration. Lastly, because it’s not “my” wedding, I can play with the images in post processing and try out new styles, editing tricks, and new techniques without having to feel like I’m not delivering the same quality of work to my clients.

When I was asked to be the second photographer at a recent wedding in Winter Park FL, I jumped at the opportunity. I will post more pictures from this wedding soon (wait till you see how their reception hall was set up at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market!) after the primary photographer has posted her pictures, but in the mean time, I just wanted to share a few images that I played around with in post processing. I deviated a bit from my usual bold and colorful style to a calmer, film-esque look and feel. I had fun playing with some new (to me) Lightroom settings!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius


newlyweds in Winter Park Florida

Saydra & Ben’s wedding at Letchworth Park was AMAZINGLY fun! It was so hard to pick my favorite images. They were silly, funny, crazy about each other, and had a TON of awesome details that made this wedding so special and unique! Some of my favorites included: live butterflies, face masks, custom designed cupcakes, bridesmaids bracelets made from old forks, a bouncy castle at the reception (seriously?! YAY!!!), and old time carnival inspired desserts, among others. We also did a custom Goof Booth which Saydra and Ben designed themselves for an original touch!

Check out the fun lace garters (with something blue!) and the cute little “bride” tissue in case of happy tears.

Yay for butterflies! It was cold and damp during the first part of the day, so the butterflies pretty much stayed put and posed for us 🙂

Ben getting some encouragement from his groomsmen.

The flower girls dumped their little baskets at the beginning of the aisle, then ran back, picked up the petals, and dropped them again. So cute!

Ahh Letchworth Park, one of the greatest outdoor locations for a summer wedding in New York. I’ll miss photographing there now that I’ve moved to Orlando FL.

Bouncing around!

Silliness in the Goof Booth

Check out the rope detail on Ben’s ring!

Thank you to the newlywed Mohoneys for having PhotoKisses document your amazacrazy wedding! It was definitely one for the books!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time these days to write proper blog posts (sounds like a cop-out, doesn’t it?) I promise, I have a good excuse! I’m going to Atlanta for Imaging USA 2013 this weekend! BUT, I wanted to make sure I kept up my New Year’s resolution and had a few blog posts ready to go even if it means less words, more pictures. So without further ado, the Donke wedding:


Wedding Venue: Plantation Party House
Bridal bouquet: Terry’s Floral Treasures
Wedding Photographer: PhotoKisses
Reception DJ: Go Sound
Bride’s hair and makeup: A Little Off The Top



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