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Oh my gosh, what a wedding! I guess I never thought that having just one extra camera and 6 extra Gigabites of memory would make such a difference. I came home with 1692 pictures! Eeek! (In comparison, last season my couples got around 450 photos) I am deleting and editing like crazy. Down to 1200, lots more to go! It’s all Amy’s fault, she was such a gorgeous bride. And the children were all like angels, and the groom so handsome, and the mansion, oh the MANSION! It was just fabulous. I’m gushing.So while I’m working on this overwhelming number of pictures, here are a few teasers and my faves so far:

Reclining Amy

Through The Curtains
Amy’s hubby totally adores her. This is what I got today:
“Amy and I just wanted to drop you a little note of thanks. You really did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable. I am sure you got some great shots. We are really looking forward to receiving the pictures (we know we have to wait ~4 weeks).

I am especially looking forward to receiving some photos of Amy, because she was absolutely stunning (as she is every single day). I am a very lucky man and I can’t wait the see the pictures.”

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote. Boy it feels good to have internet again.

I shot a beautiful wedding yesterday on Ontario Beach in Rochester NY. Ashley and David were a great couple and we got some great shots between the ceremony and the reception. Their ceremony was held at the Roger Robach Community Center, but we did the formal pictures afterwards on the wooden pathway next to the beach. It was a perfectly cloudy day which made for perfect skin tones even though it blah’ed the background.  Ashley had this super long veil on, and Maggie her maid of honor helped me by holding it up and then running away really fast as I was taking the pictures. It was just beautiful!

We were a bit dissapointed that the 100-year old Dentzel Carousel was closed for the season. It would have made a perfect background for some awesome shots. Oh well. But we did go to the small gazebo at the beach entrance and got even more awesome pictures of Ashley and David. Overall this was my favorite outdoors formals of the year as far as weddings go. I hope the Bateman’s like their pictures!

Yesterday I assisted yet another wedding (phew, only 5 to go!). It was our first Jewish wedding. Rachel had to shoot the ceremony through a window and I wasn’t allowed to shoot at all. The bride wore an antique veil that was made 100 years ago by nuns in China, and that her great-grandma and the generations after her had worn to their weddings. The veil was on just for the ceremony, and off as soon as she left the temple. Isn’t she beautiful?

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