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Benny is a model, photographer, make-up artist, and hair stylist, all rolled into one. He’s simply awesome and his work in the fashion world speaks for itself. He has shot/MUA’d for magazines and events and portfolios and everything else under the sun. And today, Benny agreed to waste an hour with me and to model for me for my headshot portfolio. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

My favorite shot of the day ended up being this one. It had nothing to do with headshots.

Had a photoshoot with my friend Kat!

The next day found the following on her blog:

“After my photo shoot with Kristina, I have to say I feel so much more comfortable about my looks. I realize body types can change overnight (literally) so I am not stressing about that too much. I have never had more beautiful pictures of myself than I do now. I love black and white photographs of me. I think they do me justice. So Kristina if you are reading this I thank you once again.

Just today I recieved them compliments about my pictures and about me.

jimmarnone (9:43:16 AM): youre new portrait pics on myspace are beautiful, honestly
jimmarnone (9:44:41 AM): yes, you are definately looking beautiful kathy

Hey Kat,
I loved all of your pictures. You look absolutely great in black and white tone. It felt really natural in those pictures. Your friend does a real good job at shooting pictures of you. I would say your strongest attributes would be your eyes, they’re really capturing and beautiful. Please do pass on the compliments to your photographer for me. She should take a lot more pictures and you seem to be a very good candidate for her to work on her photo shootings. Anyway, hope everything is going well for you. Drop in a line sometimes!

Hey ya,
It was nice of you to drop a message to my blog. I’m doing alright. Just perk up when I recheck your pic profile. My my, you sure do look very good and no you don’t look old. You just simply look gorgeous, magnificent, crème de la crème, etc. I do not know what can I say to discribe you on how I feel when I look at you. I’m sure you make all men are drooling for you.

T a g s