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Lately, I have been on a cinemagraph kick. Sometimes when I want to play with a new piece of gear, or find an amazing location, or come up with a cool concept, I browse Model Mayhem to see if anyone is currently looking to do any fun shoots in the Orlando area. I enjoy discovering new faces to photograph!  So when Melissa from MM told me she wanted to shoot a Queen of the Jungle concept, I was so stoked! We chose Dickson Azalea Park in Orlando as our location, and used the gigantic ancient tree as our prop for this inspiration shoot. She looked very much like a lioness on the prowl!

queen of the jungle concept shoot by Kristina Stockton © 2014To make the cinemagraph below (or as I call it, a Living Moment),  I set my camera on a tripod to minimize movement, and had her repeat a small motion a few times until we got a more-or-less seamless flow.  To create the finished image, YouTube to the rescue! Depending on your browser, you may need to give this about 5 seconds to load properly.
queen of the jungle concept shoot by Kristina Stockton © 2014queen of the jungle concept shoot by Kristina Stockton © 2014

Got a cool concept or idea for an inspiration shoot in Orlando FL? Contact me and let’s create some magic 🙂

Nicole is a college senior at University of Central Florida. She is going to be a teacher. I photographed her at Harry P. Leu Gardens (free admission on the first Monday of every month, you’re welcome!) With an impending rain storm, we still got to use 4 great outfits and no less than 10 different locations within the gardens, accomplishing quite a bit in just over an hour of shooting time. We stayed until the gardens closed, and got soaked to the bone leaving the grounds. It was all worth it! Below is a collage that I created specifically for Pinterest, since I kept pinning tons of collages for senior photography inspiration, myself. You’re welcome to participate in some pinning action! 🙂

orlando senior photographer Kristina Stockton


Thank you Nicole for being such a good sport despite getting super wet at the end! You were awesome, and such a great model.
P.S.:  To anyone looking for booking info, I posted a photo on Facebook with a my current price list. You can email me directly or use the contact form below this post to set something up! I’d love to hear from you.

This is Jem, whom I photographed yesterday in my home studio in Orlando. She is wearing a tulle dress that I made by hand using the leftover white tulle I had from my wedding. I also styled the accessories and the hair. We had an amazing session within about 5 feet of space!

I’m going to play a game today. I’m posting three pictures of the striking Jem. The Facebook picture will be of the artsy kind. The Pinterest picture will have a model vibe. The one I post on my blog will, of course, be wedding/bride related. If you were allowed only one tiny peek, which one would you visit next?

african american bride tulle dress orlando wedding photographer

This post isn’t wedding related, but how could I not share my recent photographic adventure!

I couldn’t stop singing “Under The Sea” from the Little Mermaid as I was editing this fun underwater session. I photographed it with none other than my GoPro Hero camera! It was a challenge to shoot blind, and the water was freezing, but for the couple of minutes that we were able to spend in the deep end of the pool, I think Kaitlin and I got some pretty cool images. If anyone is interested in a similar session, lemme know, my pool is located in 32836! 🙂

orlando under water photoshoot portrait in a pool

My favorite is Kaitlin, with a crown of bubbles.

What can you accomplish in 15 minutes with low hanging clouds and the threat of a huge thunderstorm looming above you? A lot, if you’re working with a stunner such as this!! 🙂  Recently I photographed Kacie in my own back yard for her upcoming audition for Beauty and the Beast, and I must say, in the small amount of time we had, we accomplished a fantastic session and some excellent headshots that she will be able to use together with her resume.

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