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As a photographer, I love Instagram – obviously. 😀  I am on IG constantly, either uploading new images, or simply scrolling through and liking hundreds of beautiful photos daily.  Even though I have been in Orlando FL for over 2 years now, I still find new wedding venues and cool locations to shoot senior portraits in, thanks to IG. I think of my own IG account as an online gallery where I can showcase my best work, favorite portraits, and behind the scenes shenanigans that inevitably happen whenever I’m behind the camera. Here’s a small glimpse into my photo life. Feel free to scroll through, enjoy, and perhaps you’d like to follow @PhotoKisses so you can actually “like” some of my stuff   😛

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It’s as if Disney knows me personally 😛

Lovely short story about one red kiss.


Hello friends! Just a quick note to let you know that if you email me this week, I will not get back to you until I get back from my HONEYMOON! Yay!!! Mark and I tied the knot on July 7th. I can’t wait to get all my images from our fabulous photographers Gregg and Mandy Dinino – they gave me this teaser image to tide us over for a while.

Stockton wedding - photo by Mandy Dinino

We’re off to Hershey PA to have a sweet chocolate-moon 🙂 Thanks for your patience, talk to you soon!
Mrs. Kristina Stockton 😛

So as most of my readers know, I divide my time between upstate NY and Orlando Florida (well, mostly Rochester now, and mostly Orlando next year!) In a few days, off we go to Orlando once again – I can’t wait! This time, I have a wedding in Tampa for the cute couple Theresa and Adam (whose engagement I photographed HERE in Holley NY) which I will make sure to blog as soon as possible. Other than that, I have a few weeks full of activities, photoshoots, and meetings planned.

Right after the Tampa wedding, my fiance Mark and I will get to relax once again at Clearwater beach, since it is nearby and AWESOME. Also, it makes up for the day we will have spent on the plane on Mark’s birthday. Hopefully. 😛clearwater beach, fl

I will get to hang out with and photograph my supercool PhotoKisses associate Elisabeth, who is always willing to lend a hand 2nd shooting weddings with me in the Orlando area.

girls at disney

And of course Mark and I are super excited to experience all the Disney has to offer, again and again!

disney orlando collage

It’s not all fun and games… well, it’s always fun at least. I have also scheduled a meeting with the editor of Orland Perfect Wedding Guide/Central Florida Bride to talk about how to better reach newly engaged couples in the region and how to make sure they get the most out of their wedding photography experience. This is something I truly look forward to because I simply can’t wait to fully integrate myself into the Orlando wedding landscape.

So if you try to get in touch with me, I will only be available via email for the next two weeks – see ya!


Welcome to this unscheduled, totally random personal post on my otherwise quite professional, by which I mean, only “work” related, blog. If you dropped by hoping to feast your eyes on some new wedding imagery, I’m sorry to disappoint. I promise to blog a new wedding this weekend! However, I need to take a few minutes here and introduce you to someone “furry” special!

Meet Jasper, the new king of the castle at casa PhotoKisses.

Jasper, a Maine Coon mix, came home to me from Lollypop Farm, a local humane society, on January 5th. He is a very big boy with huge paws and a long, silky orange coat. As you can see, his left ear is tipped, which I guess is how certain organizations keep track of cats that have been fixed, such as our local feral cat trap-neuter-release program in Henrietta. I love his round amber eyes which are lined with white, and the sheer size of him, especially when he parades around the room like he owns me, the house, and all of PhotoKisses business, including the brides and grooms that come over for consultations. (I guess this would be a good time to say, if you are allergic to cats, perhaps we should meet at a coffee place somewhere!)Jasper is a curious kitty, and I expect him to be watching over my editing and album design as soon as he learns the ropes (and how to paw the office door open!)

Myla, my miniature schnauzer puppy, says “pffft, I’m not jealous at all. I still get to be the first one to greet and bark at all your clients when they come to visit you.”

So there you have it, now you’ve met the new addition to the family!

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