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Can I just say HOW MUCH FUN we had on this engagement session with Echoe and Craig! Soon you’ll see why!

We started off on the side of the road (literally, cars zooming by) by Durand-Eastman park, all because I wanted to have a railing and a pond in the background with the setting sun. I knew from the first moment that these two awesome people would have no problem going along with ALLLLLL my crazy ideas!

orlando engagement photographer beach kissing

We made the best of the setting sun and played on the beach with their little wiener dog, Luca. What a cutie patootie! She was an excellent model 🙂

engaged couple cuddling with their doxie wiener dogcouple at sunset kissing on a beach with a doxie

And then, and THEN! Powder wars!!!! They purchased colored powder from a local temple and we found this blue shipping container in a parking lot which worked perfectly as a background! I switched to my 70-200 lens and backed away from the line of fire, and then things got DIRTY!

couple playing with colored holi powder from India

Thank you Echoe and Craig for an unforgettable engagement session! I don’t know how this can be topped, or by whom!!! I look forward to your wedding next June – I have a few packets of fragrant, colorful holi powder left in case you want to use them on your wedding day. Haha just kidding… maybe. 😉

Keep kissing,

Winter is almost over, but it’s not scooter weather yet. I just finished reading a wonderful book. I took a nap. I watched a few shows. What else is a bored photographer to do? Post pictures of course! I have so many sessions and weddings that I haven’t blogged yet, but I’ve been wanting to try and find new ways to display them here. How about this format? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Theresa and Adam are getting married in Tampa, FL at the end of May, and I. CAN’T. WAIT!!! However, the two lovebirds returned to New York state late last fall, and we were able to shoot their engagement session in a very special, beautiful location – at Holley Falls, in Holley NY.

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