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I was going to do a video blog about this, but for some reason my camera doesn’t want to work. Oh well. I’ll do it the old fashioned way and show you photographs instead. By the way, have you noticed that I am now able to show huge-a-licious pictures in my blog? Oh yeah! I’m loving my new blog theme!

Ooh, what is this?

It’s a hard book bound Asuka album

Beautiful soft pages with acurate colors, just how I ordered it.

7 inches and 30 pages of goodness.

Strong, thick spine

Nicely done corners.

The album came in a nice frosty sleeve, which I think will be great if you want to carry it around or just store it safely. I’d say the parent albums (5×5) would be easier to carry, but, whatever floats your boat! Either way the sleeve is a nice thing to have.  I can’t wait until someone orders a 10×10 album with proper design 🙂 This was just a simple 7×7 (5×7 pictures) album for a client who was going to buy lose prints and put them in a regular album. I’m so glad she went with this super fabulous album instead! It will be a much better conversation piece about her son’s wedding.

I loved PSCS3. And now I love Lightroom. They both rock my photographic world.

I’m currently waaayyyy behind in posting, as you can probably tell if you’ve been here in the past few weeks. You probably even saw a few dust bunnies and cobwebs instead of new posts. Good news, however – I am slowly but surely catching up! I should be posting at least one wedding here this week. Stay tuned 🙂

I was so excited when I saw the UPS truck pull up to my door on Monday. They were four days early! I received a big 6LB box. The album inside was packaged safely in lots and lots of bubble wrap 🙂 Who can resist popping bubbles?

The album goes in a flowery cloth pouch.

I ordered the red leather 10×10 album. The leather is definitely cheek-proofed for softness. Very soft, very smooth, I was impressed!

The pages are thick, but not too thick, so the album looks substantial but not overwhelming.

Here’s the title page. Notice how the image goes all the way to the edge of the page, and how crisp everything looks. My company signature is in non-intrusive red on the bottom left corner.

The pages open completely flat, so big panoramas can be spread through both pages and look gorgeous. I really like the binding job.

Here it is opened to a panoramic full-bleed image.

Just look at that non-existant seam! Yummy!

And finally, there’s the Kiss logo on the back cover of the book. It goes perfectly with my company name, don’t you think?

All in all, I am very impressed with the high quality of this album. You can tell that the folks over at Kiss Wedding Books did a thorough job every step of the way. I’m very excited to show this sample to all of my brides! I can’t imagine an album of better quality than this.

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