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Hmm… where do I start? How about a novel?

I was born and raised in Lithuania (central Europe). My parents spent their weekends in a makeshift darkroom in our bathroom, and that is how I got into photography (also why my favorite color is dark red!). My mom and I traveled a lot while I was growing up, so there were always opportunities for photographs. I’ve been to 25 countries and I’m always daydreaming about traveling more.

I came to the US in 2000 to study music. I enjoyed it, but I kept going back to my hobby of taking pictures of all my friends, all the time. I was the official choir photographer, theater photographer, and event photographer for my college. I had a job in the public relations department where I photographed models, couples, and eventually weddings. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2003 and loving it!

In the non-photographic world, I am a slave to two kitties and a dog (my adorable black miniature schnauzer Myla – she even has her own photo album on Facebook). I have a Masters in music with a concentration in choral conducting. I am addicted to chocolate, especially Ferrero Rocher. I like round things. I don’t drink wine unless it’s a “wine product” with off-the-scale sweetness factor. I don’t watch a lot of TV – but what I do watch, I do so passionately. I love to ice skate and ski. I love everything about winter (except shoveling snow). I hate cold wind and I despise driving in the dark if it’s raining. I am a morning person. I trip and bump into things daily. My family was scattered all over the world until we all finally converged in Florida in 2012. I love a good laugh. I recently married my soul mate Mark, who confirmed my life long belief that love at first sight does exist!

kristina juodyte - www.photokisses.com

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  • Amila P Ramanayake - I was wondering if you are the same person as in Kristina Ramanayaka photography. I enjoy your work, im into photography and found your website while i was tring to establish mine.. Any way i just wanted to know if u were the same person. Keep up with the good work

  • Kristina - Yes I am. “Ramanayake” was a short stint more than 5 years ago.

  • amelia kelley - Hi there,

    I believe you are shooting my friend Emily’s wedding next year and I caught a glimpse of your work on her FB and was very impressed. I am an aspiring photographer in the NC area, originally from NY. But I was curious if you could maybe tell me a bit about your process. Your images are fabulous, the lighting is out of this world! Is it the lense? The Camera? Your use of what light there is? I currently am shooting with a Nikon and only have graduated to a 3.5 18-150 zoom which I love for getting in tight but finding that shooting in low light or any challenging light has become a chore. Any advice you could impart on a fan/lover of the art would be amazing!

    Thanks so much,

    Amelia :-)

  • Beverley Kistler - My daughter is getting married on May 24th, 2014 in Orlando. Would be available that day?
    Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank You, Beverley

  • Kristina - Beverly, I am available, shoot me an email or use the contact form at the top of the page.

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