BravelyWed: wedding inspiration for a feisty princess

BravelyWed-PhotoKisses-146Over the past few months, I’ve been floating on cloud 9. My styled elopement shoot, which I modeled after Disney’s princess Merida and what kind of wedding she would want to have, got published not once, not twice, but THREE times!


First, it got published on Nearlyweds ( After a few weeks, A Golden Locket ( picked it up, followed by Clever Wedding Ideas (

As I was watching my images appear over and over on these great nationally recognized wedding industry blogs, I felt like my own website was a bit left out! So, I finally decided to blog my own version of the amazingness that my team created back in March. Without further ado, here’s our vision of one very special, very feisty Scottish princess on her wedding day.

#bravelywed: an inspiration styled shoot with a certain fictional Scottish princess vibe. You can view the entire gallery HERE

Thank you to:
Photographer: Kristina Stockton, PhotoKisses in Orlando, FL
Models: Sarah Smotherman and Cameron Comito
Hair and make up: Chris Testerman
Wedding gown: Simply Bridal in Los Angeles, CA
Cake: Sharon Haller, Cut The Cake, inc.
Floral Artist: Andie Muller, The Flower Studio
Venue: The Garden Chateau in Winter Garden, FL
Tablecloth: Over The Top

MeridaScottishWedding 008 (Sheet 8)_smlFor the bouquet of flowers and the centerpieces, I added blue tartan fabric and arrow details.MeridaScottishWedding 011 (Sheet 11)_sml

I would really love to see sleeves – and other creative sleeve/collar ideas – come back to wedding dress design. I do believe we picked the perfect gown. It is sweet, romantic, light fabric for those hot Florida summers, and the little sleeves add some royalty back into play. And of course I loooooved our Merida’s wild red hair, which Chris adorned with arrows.MeridaScottishWedding 010 (Sheet 10)_smlSarah fit the mold perfectly for a feisty redheaded Scottish princess.MeridaScottishWedding 014 (Sheet 14)_smlMeridaScottishWedding 013 (Sheet 13)_sml

We staged the “reception” at the Garden Chateau. Even princesses need a rain location in Orlando, where it rains pretty much on schedule at 4pm every day during the summer. I thought the library room with the warm the wood paneling was the perfect choice for an intimate reception.MeridaScottishWedding 012 (Sheet 12)_sml

The cake was out of this world. Sharon was a genius in creating this concoction. I specifically liked the teal and gold accents which mimic Merida’s gown in the movie, and the arrow accents that permeate the rest of this styled shoot. And look, there’s even a little cake table companion bear.MeridaScottishWedding 016 (Sheet 16)_smlMeridaScottishWedding 015 (Sheet 15)_sml

Wild child!MeridaScottishWedding 018 (Sheet 18)_smlMeridaScottishWedding 017 (Sheet 17)_sml

If you feel inspired to add a bit of your own Brave magic to your wedding, feel free to browse You can view the entire gallery HERE – you can pin any image you find there to your inspiration boards on Pinterest! Spread the love, share these photos 🙂

The Brave-inspired wedding idea behind this shoot was to encourage brides to think outside the box and to show that even the smallest details help create a setting or a theme. We used simple, yet quirky, elements to make it a unique and crafty idea for someone who may be planning a Disney princess inspired wedding – but doesn’t want to deal with all the royal stuffy pompousness. I took the idea of Merida, the wild and untamed Scottish princess, and imagined her on her wedding day. She would be the type of girl who would choose a small and intimate garden wedding instead of a ballroom (or castle), eyes only for her handsome groom she picked out herself. She wouldn’t bother much with details, so a simple and elegant decor with a touch of unruliness, arrow and bear elements, and a few Scottish accents is all it takes to make this princess’ wedding dream come true. Oh, and of course, big wild red hair – but that’s more of a bonus than a requirement.

~Kristina Stockton, Photographer

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