Downtown Orlando Wedding :: Goof Booth at The Veranda

It has been a while since I’ve done a photobooth (or as I call it, the Goof Booth) at a wedding. I had missed it! They are possibly the most entertaining event at a wedding – everyone ends up having so much fun in a photobooth. I love watching people’s inhibitions fall away, and the boisterous, fun and wild side come out. 😛
Adam and Wendy, who celebrated their wedding in downtown Orlando, brought their own props to the Goof Booth – which I got to keep, thank you! – so it was personalized and tailored just for them. JJ was my 2nd shooter for the evening and helped me capture some silliness and a lot of shenanigans! A lot of it was NSFW – so only the wedding guests will be able to view the private image gallery. Enjoy some of my “safe” favorites below!

It started out innocently enough… I like that the booth can also serve as a field studio for a few relaxed portraits of the newlyweds and their family.


Before long, hats were found and things on sticks started appearing.PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-019SGoofBooth 007 (Sheet 7)_smPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-021PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-136SGoofBooth 011 (Sheet 11)_smPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-062PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-206SGoofBooth 009 (Sheet 9)_sm

The kitty tamerPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-071PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-045PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-255SGoofBooth 008 (Sheet 8)_smPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-163PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-245PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-237SGoofBooth 013 (Sheet 13)_smPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-207PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-198PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-171

Madam? Sir.PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-104SGoofBooth 010 (Sheet 10)_smPhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-212PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-090PhotoKisses-SearcyBooth-055SGoofBooth 014 (Sheet 14)_sm


My two favorite strips. “magical transformation”, and “drinking challenge” 😀SGoofBooth 012 (Sheet 12)_sm

So much fun was had at The Veranda right in the heart of Orlando! Thank you to JJ who was a witness and documentarian of the most goofy and fun wedding event of the night. Thank you to Jennie of Pixies and Petals who set us up with power and prop tables. Thanks to Adam and Wendy for all these great props, including the one that never made it to this page 😉 And most of all, thank you to all the wedding guests who participated and had a blast in the Goof Booth!

Want a Goof Booth at your Orlando wedding? Sure! I offer it as an add-on for weddings that I’m already photographing, or as a stand alone service on days that I am not booked. For a small fee I can even bring it to other Central Florida locations. Contact me for more info 😛

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