Extraordinary You series – “Grass and Class” [Orlando Portrait Photographer]

orlando model senior photographer grassandclass

One of my New Year resolutions was to try new things this year. Not just new things around Orlando, but in my business, as well. I got a few new photo toys to play with in an effort to hone my skills and infuse some fun and unexpected elements into my photography style. My amazing and wonderful hair stylist extraordinaire Chris Testerman agreed to go on a professional adventure together. Chris is a hair and makeup artist in Orlando, he works out of Winter Garden actually. He’s been doing my hair for the past year and it’s a fabulous hairstyle every single time.

GrassAndClassBTSFlipagram-130_smIt started out as a goal to style and photograph 25 beautiful people with great hair – giving Chris practice in trying out fun new modern hair and makeup styles, and for me, coming up with creative ways to photograph the model afterwards.  We had so much fun at our first collaboration! We even made a fun little timelapse video of all the pre-session pampering HERE. It was a great session and the hours flew by.
After we did our first project, however, we both realized that it wasn’t just about honing our skills, but that, in giving women makeovers, photographing them in the best light, and showing them just how beautiful they really are (to two complete strangers, no less), feels extremely empowering and strong somehow. So with that in mind, a new, better idea has started to form. Photographing confidence is easy. We would both really enjoy capturing the spark in someone who maybe doesn’t quite like the way she looks, or isn’t confident in her style, or has always been shy in front of the camera. We would like to offer a complimentary makeover and a portrait session (about 5-6 hours of teamwork and ~$300 worth of services) to 5 deserving women who respond to this blog. (use the contact form above, or email me directly kristina@photokisses.com) I would like to invite you to submit your story, and become one of our strong, glamorous, empowered models.

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1 out of 25 sessions is complete. We put in over 5 hours of hard work, styling, dressing, makeover-ing, and photographing this beautiful lady named Chrystal. My idea was to use the flowering grass in a nearby field as a backdrop, along with a handmade white/gold/pink corset gown (a la Trash The Dress) in order to highlight and compliment the stunning red hair and freckles.  Redhead models are hard to find, believe it or not! Anyway, we set up in a small field right next to a busy intersection, which goes to show you how thinking (a few feet) out of the box can get you amayyyzing results! A while later, I used a prism for the first time, and let me tell you, that’s a really fun toy! Thanks to photographer Sam Hurd for the inspiration and recommendation.

Grass and Class Shoot
Model: Chrystal L.
HMUA: Chris Testerman, Cosmetologist
Photographer: Kristina Stockton, PhotoKisses

orlando model senior photographer grassandclass

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orlando model senior photographer grassandclass

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GrassAndClassOrlandoSeniorPhotographer 022 (Sheet 22)_smGrassAndClassOrlandoSeniorPhotographer 023 (Sheet 23)_smGrassAndClassOrlandoSeniorPhotographer 024 (Sheet 24)_smorlando model senior photographer grassandclass

grassandclass behind the scenes at a photoshootThanks everyone for your hard work!orlando model senior photographer grassandclass

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