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So maybe the 3rd time is a charm? Maybe this time you, the reader, will post some questions that my brides can answer for you? Don’t be shy! The previous two times that I held post-wedding interviews, I didn’t get any responses. Hmmm maybe this isn’t really helpful? Either way, let me know!  Also, if you are a prior PhotoKisses bride, feel free to answer these same questions with your own experience in an email, and I will post them here for other brides to see!

Laura got married on July 3, 2010 at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Victor and had her reception at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor.

What was your favorite part of the day?
– It is tough to pick my one favorite part of the day, but if I have to pick I would definitely say all the great dancing! Take time away from chatting with guests and invite them to dance with you instead, makes for much better memories!

What did you think of your ceremony?
– The ceremony was a very traditional Catholic wedding and I don’t think we could have asked for more (maybe some AC though!) I would suggest a videographer even if it is just for the ceremony, I was too nervous, I don’t remember a lot!

Did everything go as planned? If not, how did you or your bridal party/family help you deal with the mishaps?
– I think I went in with very few expectations for a “perfect” day so there really was no room for any mishaps because we wouldn’t have known the difference, and for that reason it was perfect to us!

What was your vision? Did you have a theme, a concept, colors that you used?
-My vision was a casual feel with an underlying classic look, I guess if I had to give credit to my inspiration I would have to say JCrew wedding magazine. I really loved the natural color look and chose colors based on the colors you would see most during summer: grass green, yellow and orange.

Did you have any surprises for your guests? How did you make your reception fabulous and memorable?
-We had a few unique aspects that added a personal touch to the wedding that the guests seemed to really enjoy. Our guest book was a tree that I painted and guests could dip their thumbs in paint to make a “leaf” on our tree. We then had them sign their names and we will be able to hang this in our home to remember the people who came to support us. Also, of course the photo booth provided by PhotoKisses was a HUGE hit and turned out some hilarious shots!

Can you say something small about how you chose your vendors, and what your impression of them is now that it’s all done?
-I was very pleased with all of my vendors! I felt that I didn’t have to worry about a thing the day of, we just had to show up! First of all, of course Kristina was amazing and the pictures are frozen memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives, could not have asked for anything more :-)Thank you, thank you! We went with Wegmans for the flowers and they did a beautiful job! The florists came to both the ceremony and the reception to set everything up and make sure everyone had their flowers, never had to worry about a thing. I cannot say enough about Radionation Band, SO much energy and great music with a little bit of something for everyone! There is something extremely intriguing about a live band at a wedding, the most unlikely suspects will be found on the dance floor, that is for sure!

What advice would you give to newly engaged ladies just starting to plan their wedding?
-Less is definitely more! Choose two or three aspects that are very important to you on that day and invest the majority of your time and money into those things. Don’t sweat all the mini details because most people don’t notice them and it causes more stress and wasted money than is necessary!

What advice would you give to the couple on their wedding day? Or, what advice do you wish you had been given for yours?
-Don’t worry about cutting loose early on! We walked around to the tables and talked to people, but once the music starts get out on the dance floor!  Most people will feed off the energy of the bride and groom and your guests will have a much better time dancing with you than talking about how fantastic you look! Also, don’t lose track of eachother for too long. It’s important to mingle with guests but they understand it is a special day for the two of you and you should be spending the majority of the celebration together!

(Laura’s own question!) How did you know your groom was having the time of his life?
(Insert picture of Paul with his tie around his head and guitar in hand!)… 🙂

groom dancing with rubber guitar

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