Brides for Brides: Channon’s advice

Hello, and happy summer… er… spring! It sure feels like mid-summer here in Rochester NY, and believe me, sitting at my computer in my stuffy office is NO FUN.

As promised, here is a new installment of Brides for Brides. As previously stated, I’m starting a new segment on my blog titled “Brides for Brides” where I will have brides answer a few questions about their wedding and give advice to newly engaged couples how to make their day absolutely perfect and amazing. I bet every new bride gets overwhelmed once in a while, so here’s hoping that “Brides for Brides” will help someone! If you are a prior PhotoKisses bride, feel free to answer these same questions with your own experience in an email, and I will post them here for other brides to see!

Channon got married on September 6, 2009 at St. Ambrose Church in  and had her reception at the Webster Golf Club

What was your favorite part of the day?
My whole day was amazing.. But the moment that I first saw Todd waiting for me at the end of the aisle is when all of my nerves disappeared and I got really excited.

What did you think of your ceremony?
I am definitely thrilled with our choice in venue.  We had contemplated having the ceremony outside but I knew I would worry too much about the weather leading up to the ceremony so we decided to have a church wedding.  I was nervous about having a Catholic ceremony since my family is not Catholic.  Father Bob Werth went out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable.  I loved the memory flowers and candles that we did.  While our cantor was singing Ava Maria we lit a candle for each of our grandparents and Todd’s sister who were all there in spirit.

Did everything go as planned? If not, how did you or your bridal party/family help you deal with the mishaps?
Everyone told me leading up to my day that “something will always go wrong” and to not let it get to me.The only thing that didn’t go as planned was that the florist forgot to bring the vases for the head table for the bouquets to the reception location.  I figured if that was the most horrible thing that went wrong then I was pretty lucky!

What was your vision? What advice would you give to brides looking for wedding themes?
I didn’t set out with a “theme”.  I knew that I wanted pretty colors and to make everything as personal as possible.  Since I love photos and have a ton of Todd and I together, my sister and I made photo centerpieces.  I thought it was a neat way for our guests to see current photos of us as well as pictures from 10 years ago when we started dating.  I have always loved purple so I knew that I would incorporate that somehow.  But while shopping for bridesmaids dresses I wanted something with a little more “pop” so we chose a fuchsia sash.  Then we kinda ran with fuchsia as an accent color.

Did you have any surprises for your guests? How did you make your reception fabulous and memorable?
A couple months before our wedding we met with our videographer and shot a “Love Story” video to be shown at our wedding.  Nobody knew that we had done it and everyone got to watch it right before dinner.  It was the first time that Todd and I got to see it as well.  So many people told me it was their favorite part of the wedding. They had interviewed each of us separately so it was so fun to see what each other had said.  It was a great way for everyone to get to know us as a couple as well as it is something that we will have as a keepsake forever.

How did you choose your vendors?
My main determining factor when choosing my vendors was to go off my “gut feeling”.  I spent a lot of time surfing the internet looking for different vendors, ideas and price ranges.  When I finally sat down with the people that I chose, I had a really good feeling that they understood what I was looking for and were just as excited as I was to make our day special.

What advice would you give to newly engaged ladies just starting to plan their wedding?
Most importantly I would say that this is YOUR day.  Don’t make decisions just to please others.  Also, figure out what is most important to you.  If you love flowers then splurge and get the florist you really want and then maybe cut back a little on another expense that isn’t as important to you.

What advice would you give to the couple on their wedding day?
Enjoy each other.. and spend as much time together as possible.  The day will fly by!  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  This is the beginning of the rest of your amazing life together.

Thanks Channon for helping out!

Channon’s wedding vendors were:
Wedding Ceremony: St. Ambrose Church
Reception: Webster Golf Club
Wedding Photographer: Kristina – PhotoKisses
Florist: Bouquets by Bonnie
Wedding cake: Gruttadauria Bakery
Entertainment: Phenomenon Sound

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